Prepare for your photo shoot

How to prepare for your corporate photo shoot:

  • Choose what the dress code will be beforehand (e.g. business casual) — suits and ties please (bring a few ties to choose from).
  • Hang your outfits up to keep them wrinkle free the night before. Do not wear the clothing that you ironed until you get to the site to keep it as fresh as possible.
  • Be sure to receive a full nights rest and limit alcohol consumption 24 hours prior (if possible).


  • Choose to shave if wanting a clean-cut look, comb your hair and consider getting a hair cut a couple of days beforehand.
  • Removal of unwanted facial hair can be expensive during the retouching stage.


  • Feel free to wear more natural make-up and light jewelry.
  • Style your hair the way that you want it to be presented (as retouching of hair can be expensive).
  • Can ask for a makeup and hair stylist at additional costs.


  • It is important to avoid wearing items with small, tight patterns (e.g. herringbone textures), can create odd optical problems once photos are reduced.
  • Avoid wearing solid white (too bright) or solid black clothing (lose details), if possible. These tend to fill in on the photo, hard to see details.
  • Dark grey/blue suits and off white shirts are more useful for photographic purposes.
  • Bring a couple options of outfits that make you feel the most comfortable and confident.


Attached are small samples showing some of the issues to watch out for.

Notice how the example shows the blending and loss of details on black clothing.

This example illustrates the issues that can arise with fine patterns in clothing.

André will be able to get the best photo possible, but it will be easier if shades of blue, grey and not solid black or white are being used for the clothing options.

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